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How Can I Find the Best Commercial Trucking Insurance Near Me?

Running a trucking business as an independent contractor or a small business owner is tough. There are the difficult overhead costs, razor-thin profit margins, and tight deadlines. It doesn’t help that the media seems to be a broken record repeating the news that the trucking industry is dead—and soon to be replaced with self-driving trucks. But self-driving trucks can’t do what the men and women of America (and Independence in particular) do every day—transport the goods that keeps our country the most competitive economy in the world.

But sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned. Whether you’re a sole operator deliver freight from coast to coast on your own or management responsible for the satisfaction of clients and the well-being of your employees, commercial trucking insurance is a must for any trucking, freighting, or logistics business.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Requirements – Is it Legally Required?

If you’re new to the logistics industry, you probably are figuring out that some degree of insurance is required in the state of Missouri. Well, no one, whether they’re a single operator or owner of an entire trucking fleet, is required to get the most deluxe packages. But finding the right commercial trucking insurance for your semis can mean the difference between profit and loss, survival and disaster.

What makes the biggest impact on the premiums you’ll pay for your commercial trucking insurance is the size, type, and weight of the freight your trucks will carry daily. Hazardous materials such as oil or other flammable materials require extra coverage as mandated by both federal and state law.

Your Commercial Trucking Insurance Expert

But the good news is that you don’t need to figure out which insurance is legally required all by yourself. That’s your insurance broker’s job! And when you contact Susan R. Petty Insurance Agency Inc, you know that you’re dealing with an insurance brokerage that specializes in commercial insurance for the trucking and logistics industry.

Your insurance agent from Susan R. Petty Insurance Agency Inc has years of experience helping commercial trucking and logistics companies navigate the complicated world of liability insurance. Our expertise helps you chart a course to profitability no matter what twists and turns that the road throws at you.

Competitive Rates, Comprehensive Coverage

When you need to find a competitive policy that goes above and beyond what’s required to completely protect your commercial trucking operation without eating into your monthly profit margin, contact Susan R. Petty Insurance Agency Inc. We can custom-design a policy, picking and choosing features from some of the nation’s top insurance providers to create you an insurance plan that’s perfect for you and your business needs.

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